South East Asia

South East Asia Tour – Customized

Water has sculpted many Southeast Asian landscapes. The jungle-topped islands are fringed by coral reefs that calm the ocean into turquoise pools. The languorous Vietnamese coastline greets the South China Sea from tip to tail, while inland dramatic karst mountains soar skywards. The volcanoes of Indonesia and the Philippines provide a glimpse into the earth’s volatile heart.
Southeast Asia is a spiritual space. As dawn breaks, pots of rice bubble over and the smoke of incense wafts from earth to heaven. Barefoot monks embark on their call to alms among the faithful. The region’s great monuments were wrought from divine inspiration, from Angkor’s heaven incarnate to Bagan’s shimmering spires.
The cities of Southeast Asia are stepping into the future with one foot dragging in the past. Bangkok is the gateway to many Asian adventures, where skytrains whisk shoppers from mall to mall and hawkers ply their wares on the steaming pavements below. Singapore is a gleaming testament to Asia at its most efficient.
With a burning sun and cooling rains, the earth here delivers a colourful palette of fruits, spices once as prized as gold, and the Southeast Asia staple, rice. From Indian curries to Chinese dim sum, the regional cuisine tells a tale of migration and mixing.
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